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  1. 2015

    1. Microconf Europe 2015 – thoughts and takeaways
  2. 2014

    1. Installing a specific version of a homebrew package
  3. 2013

    1. Update your entire project to Ruby 1.9 hash syntax
    2. Installing nokogiri with rbenv on Mavericks
    3. Silky Markdown editing on Mac
    4. Stay curious
    5. Finding perpetual inspiration
  4. 2012

    1. Finding bugs with git bisect
    2. Testing IE on development sites
    3. Fancy an iPad? Get the Mini
    4. Printing discount codes on your business card
    5. Hiding data in Rails with default_scope
    6. Heroku deploy script (for Rails)
    7. Fun with Syck and Psych on Heroku
    8. Write a quick draft while it's fresh
    9. Securing Instiki with an SSH tunnel
    10. Using QUnit with CoffeeScript
    11. QUnit or Jasmine?
    12. Showing your laptop battery status in tmux
    13. Move commits from one branch to another
    14. Navigating your bundled gems in Vim
    15. Using minitest with Rails
    16. Running MacVim in your terminal
    17. Patching "bundle open" to set your current directory
    18. Building an agile startup
  5. 2011

    1. Using Ack with CoffeeScript
    2. Life without an iPhone
    3. Act on great articles
    4. Don't hog the desk
    5. MongoDB in Action (free PDF)
    6. Quickly applying GitHub pull requests
    7. Is Apple hardware suitable for the enterprise?
    8. Automating bundle exec
    9. Host specific Vim config
    10. Swapping two files in git
    11. Ditch your smart phone
    12. Do freelancers need an office?
    13. Downgrading MySQL on Mac OS X
    14. Be a better navigator
    15. Changing Vim's window size
    16. Considerate driving
  6. 2010

    1. Searching Haml and SASS with ack
    2. Firefox buttons for Mac
    3. Mongo Replication and Replica Sets
    4. Making gitk look good on Mac OS X
    5. MongoDB Schema Design: Data as Documents
    6. MongoDB Administration
    7. Fixing the Xcode Project Templates
  7. 2009

    1. Ruby Manor
    2. Find performance problems in your web logs
    3. Tools of the trade
    4. URL shortener for Basecamp
    5. Benchmarking Ruby exception handling
    6. Installing Nokogiri on Leopard
    7. Testing Rails with Rack::Test
    8. Installing the pg PostgreSQL gem on Mac OS X
    9. Companies House Rewired
    10. Deploying Merb with Vlad
    11. Installing Merb, DataMapper and Postgres on Ubuntu
    12. Deploying Sinatra with Vlad
    13. Sharing CSS between Rails and PHP
    14. Learning to Program
    15. Ruby Lightning Talks
  8. 2008

    1. Notes from the Ruby Manor 2008 (part 2)
    2. Notes from the Ruby Manor 2008 (part 1)
    3. Optimising PNG images for the web
    4. Integration Testing for Multiple Web Applications
    5. Installing merb with thor
    6. Building do_mysql on a 64-bit Mac
    7. Debugging JavaScript in WebKit
    8. Configure the Expires header for Rails under nginx
    9. Merb and DataMapper on the edge
    10. The Pragmatic Programmer Erlang Screencasts
    11. Removing an entry from /etc/hosts on a Mac
    12. database.yml should be checked in
    13. Easy git-svn for Rails (or "git-me-up")
    14. What's in your bash history?
    15. Recovering Lost Commits with git reflog and reset
    16. Testing Merb controllers with RSpec
    17. Searching associations in DataMapper 0.3
    18. Monitoring BackgrounDRb with God
    19. Automate your sysadmin with adl
    20. Opening Ruby gems in TextMate