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  1. Testing IE on development sites

    When was the last time you finished some web development work (on your shiny, modern operating system) only to find that it didn't work in IE8. Or in IE9. Or a reasonably recent version of Opera. If you're developing web sites profesionally, you need to test them in multiple browsers running on multiple operating systems. I used to maintain virtual machines running Windows that could connect to my local dev server. These days I use BrowserStack.

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  2. Using QUnit with CoffeeScript

    QUnit is a unit testing framework for JavaScript, from the jQuery project. Earlier this week I wrote about how I chose it over Jasmine for my current project. This article explains how I setup QUnit to test my CoffeeScript, along with the Sinon mocking/stubbing library.

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  3. Using minitest with Rails

    minitest is the hot new Ruby testing framework that's included with Rails 1.9 (so actually, it's not that new, but it is hot). I've been using it with Rails for the first time, and have found it a joy to work with. In this post I'll briefly cover how to set it up, and explain why I've been enjoying it so much.

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