Companies House Rewired

A few of us just knocked up a great little site at Rewired State. Check out Companies Open House (a collaboration between @delineator, @jamespjh, @metade, @martinbtt and myself). We won a prize. Hurray! Well done team.

We won an Arduino. Sadly my only contribution was some CSS, and two lines of JavaScript.

I did write an API that allows you to find out which MPs are talking about a topic (and how many times they show up for it on the they work for you site). If you were at @rewiredstate you won't have seen it, as I didn't get the front end finished until the very last minute and we decided not to include it in the demo.

You can try it here though (I hope you like JSON):

Way to go, Anne McIntosh. Tessa Jowell – what do you think you're playing at?! Edit the last part of that URL as you see fit, and see who cares about the stuff you're into. Insert spaces between words like this:

Forgive us the odd crash. If it bombs, try reloading (it was "hack" the government day, after all…). If you want to integrate it into an application you'll want to drop the debug parameter (which is included here to make it suitable for viewing in a web browser). You'll also want to let me know so I can fix the odd crash and make sure that I keep it running.

Ben Dodson has done a great summary of Rewired State (with pictures) on Flickr.

Good write-ups include Emma Mulqueeny's summary (she was one of the organisers) and a blog post from 4iP.

I love feedback and questions — please feel free to get in touch on Mastodon or Twitter, or leave a comment.

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