Writing tips

It feels strange to me (as a developer) to be writing about writing. I'm hardly great at it, and I hope to God that none of my mates who can actually write (you know, the arty ones) see this. And yet, I have definitely improved. Over the last few years I've picked up a few useful techniques that I wanted to share with the wider world. And they do say that good writers make good developers (feel free to interpret that in whatever way you feel is appropriate!).

How I approach it...

  1. Write a quick draft while it's fresh

    As a bootstrapper, it's important that I spend enough time getting my product's name out there. For me, that means blogging. I've recently been writing a couple of paragraphs the instant that I have an idea for a post. That usually means writing "on your mobile" (or in my case, on my iPod).

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