JavaScript is a programming language that is widely used on the web to add dynamic behaviour to (otherwise lifeless) web pages.

For a long time JavaScript was considered to be unsuitable for developing serious, reliable, or cross browser applications. That reputation has changed recently, with the advent of the unobtrusive JavaScript movement and the widespread adoption of AJAX.

JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, MooTools, Prototype and YUI have given developers the tools they need to bring some rich and reliable applications to the web browser.

  1. CoffeeScript

    CoffeeScript is a "little language that compiles into JavaScript". I much prefer it to writing JavaScript and use it whenever I can. This page lists all my CoffeeScript articles...

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Articles on JavaScript

  1. Debugging JavaScript in WebKit

    If you do much web development you're probably a big fan of the Firebug plugin for Firefox. It really is a rare gem in the web developer's arsenal. When I'm not developing I prefer to use Safari -- it seems faster and leaner, so I often find that I've got both browsers open at once.

    A couple of days ago something rather fantastic happened -- Safari got a makeover...

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